Life You Dreamed: “I love your heart-felt work, Wendi”

Summer B

Road From Hell: “Pretty bad-ass! Thanks Wendi! Now I have both the amazing painting and the real thing”

Tim S

Life you Dreamed: “The first time I saw this painting it connected right into what I’ve been thinking about. It must be a sign! So many exciting things on the horizon.”

Nicci D

Elway: I love your work, Wendi, and how beautifully you captured the essence of Elway. It fills our heart.”

Debbie G
“Wendi, those Nursery pieces are adorable! You're so talented”
Julie M
“I love your Nursery Art. It’s so unique and cute. I wanted something that couldn't be found in any regular baby store and you created it!”
Janeen W
“These are so adorable! So much nicer than the typical prints I see in the stores. It made a great gift, especially with the personalization.”
Cara S
“Momma-to-be went crazy for the Nursery Art I gave as a gift at the baby shower. Everyone loved them. It was great you matched it to her black & white theme. The zebra, panda, and penguin look really cute as a set of 3. The hot pink added a good pop of color to make them girly. She loved them”
Danni D
California Poppies: “Beautiful! And I love the impact you’re making not only with your gorgeous pieces but with what a portion of the proceeds are going towards. You’re always giving back and making an impact!”
Summer B
Laughter Unfurled: “Stunning piece yet again. And your words are beautiful”
Summer B
Laughter Unfurled: “This is such a special memory and one of my most favorite pieces of art. You captured me during one of the most amazing times in my life. We are thrilled to have this special piece that will always remind us of this moment in time.”
Randee W
Bella White Lab: “Thank you Wendi Corbin for capturing our Bella’s happy spirit in this beautiful painting! You are so talented!
Tammy P
Tootsie: “Oh Wow! That’s exactly her! You totally captured her personality. My mom is going to love this so much.”
Angie M
BellaBoxer: I cant say enough how much we love and appreciate this piece. I think Impact art is an understatement! Thank you for capturing her spirit, Wendi.
Jill M
Elway: What a beautiful way to honor Elway. You are so talented!”
Julie M

Salsa: This piece makes me smile everyday when I see it on my wall”

Robbie M

Elway: “That’s sweet Elway for sure! You captured him perfectly. Thank you so much.”

Derek W

Elway: “So beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes and lifts my heart that you could create something so special that this family will cherish forever in loving memory of their gorgeous golden.”

Summer B

Elway: What an amazing gift. Now that sweet pup will always be in our lives.

Robert F